Is it familiar to you?

You close the window – IT IS STUFFY

You sleep heavily, always feel tired and can not concentrate.

You open the window – IT IS COLD

You are afraid of being ill and therefore, you change the air of the room very seldom and very little.


You open the window – IT IS NOISY

The honk of the cars and the noise of the streets prevent you from sleeping or concentrating your attention at work.

You open the window – IT IS DUSTY

It is not 10 minutes that the window rails and other surfaces are covered with dust.


Imagine that the air at home or in the office is fresh, the environment is comfortable and you always forget about the noise and stuff. It is possible now!


It is a window filter – changeable compact plastic unit with filtering element. It is installed in the profile of the window and immediately begins to work – clean the air and create comfortable microclimate even if the windows are closed in the room. We have installed about 50 000 window filters since 2014. Most buyers order them at us with the advice of their friends and close people.


Managing of the window filters
How you can regulate the speed of the air inflow

Filtering elements are replaced after using them for 4 – 6 months



In the apartments and houses

The windows should be kept open long to change the air of the rooms completely. This time it is not possible to avoid of dust, noise and air inflow. But you take a risk by catching cold in cold weather. The window filters will be a solution for all problems – they will also provide the inflow of fresh air even if the windows are closed. If there are children or pets in the room, then it will ensure their safety.

In the office rooms

A man’s productivity during the whole working day directly depends on the amount of oxygen in the room. If there is the lack of fresh air, sleepness and languidness will appear. But when you open the air-hole, somebody will immediately complain that it is windy for him. The window filters will make the microclimate of your office comfortable for everybody in the same level and help to put an end to disputes among the colleagues. Effective air exchange will also help to decrease illness and the employees will get sick leave in rare cases due to the same fact.


In the educational institutions

The stuffy air in the studies causes carelessness of the pupils and it has negative effect on the attendance. But it is dangerous to open the windows because the children may get cold. The fresh air inflow will provide the productive work in the classes with the help of the window filters without any additional risks.


Replacing of the filtering elements in 2-4 times a year.

Frequency of replacement depends on the level of pollution of the air of your district. If your windows are opened into the road with a lot of traffic or you live in the industrial district, then the replacement may be required more frequently. Replacement of the cartridge is cheaper than treatment.

Sucking ventilation is necessary.

The sucking ventilation locating in the kitchen or bathroom unit ensures natural sucking for the effective work of the window filters. It is necessary to clean the sucking part regularly because dirt and bacteria are collected there. Your Şİ or LLC may be helpful in this work.

Effective at +10°С or lower temperature.

The work is noticed less not only in cold weather but also at the temperature over +10°С. It does not replace air-conditioning and only implements fresh air circulation cleaned well. In particular, it is suitable for places with cool and cold climate as well as the regions with strong wind.

It is necessary to count the numbers of the filters.

According to the calculations, 1 window filter is needed for every 10 square meters. If the area of your room is 15 square meters, then our professional will advise you to install two window filters for a window and more window filters may also be installed.


Our buyers have also disclosed other advantages of the window filters.

It fights against allergy.

It normalizes humidity in the room and prevents the flower pollens and other allergies from entering the room.

It saves from the insects.

It lets fresh air but does not allow mosquitoes, flies and other insects to enter the room.

It restores strength.

It helps to be free from insomnia and headaches due to fresh air all day long and it completely shows itself well in the mood.

It prevents the windows from breaking.

It decreases the number of opening and closing of the windows and saves from the condensate and dust setting and spoiling the window furniture.

It creates comfortable environment for plants.

It provides suitable microclimate for seedlings or room flowers and they do not freeze and grow pale in this environment.

It prevents fungi to appear.

It removes excessive humidity that may cause appearance of mould and fungi which are dangerous for health on the windows and walls.

Инновационный продукт для дома и офиса


Window filters are a rare technical project patented all over the world. Only window filters clean the air entered and protects from the noise and frost by not breaking the structure of the frame and the guarantee given for it which is proved by the documents.


How much air does it pass?

In case it is 10 Pa, it will be 9 m3/ hour (max. 30 m3/ hour). The amount of the passing air depends on the temperature fluctuations in the street adn at home. The colder it is or the stronger the wind in the street, the more air will come in.

Temperature regime

Temperature from -55°С up to +60°С (tested in the laboratory conditions and Yakutsk as well as the documents.).

Sound isolation

The difference in the street noise passing through the plastic window and window filter installed and serving according to the State Standard makes up 1 dB and can not be caught by the human ear. 31 – 33 dBa (measurement according to the State Standard 12.1.003).


• You may call our specialists for measurement and diagnostics free of charge in the cities where we exist. The specialist will define if it is possible to install a window filter in your room. If it is possible, then he will immediately implement the installation upon your request.

• If there is not our representative office in your city, you may order the goods by post and we will help to organize the installation. You may also implement the installation of the product independently providing that you will have the necessary instructions and tools.

•You may also place an order on the online chat or our social networks.


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